Betty is particularly known for her ear in harmony singing and reviving rare, old songs from the roots of early country, blues and old-time music of North America by giving them new life with unique harmonies and instrumentation.

A timeless advocate of old-time music, Betty has co-produced two of her own CDs, TheHarvest is Ready, 1997 and A Song in the Air2002, both recorded with The MightyOak String Band and released independently to critical acclaim. In 2002 she produced InThe Pink, a collection of vintage songs sung by her, then octogenarian, mother and aunt,Dolly Belmore and Bobby Annand.

The Harvest Is Ready

The Harvest Is Ready

“(The Harvest is Ready) sets Belmore up as a queen of country folk music. This is a must have.” – Christian MacMillan, Gig Magazine

“…one of those once-in-a-blue-moon albums that takes timeless music and weds it with a certain freshness that comes from the simple joy of making music with friends and family…Belmore has herself one fine album.” – Ron Foley MacDonald, The Daily News

“If recordings were given a precious stone rating instead of metal, The Harvest is Ready would be among the brighter diamonds ever to be formed from vocal and instrumental carbons.” -  Gerry Taylor, The Telegraph Journal

“…the sweet charm of ‘The Harvest is Ready’, the simplicity of the songs, the feeling of warmth…this is a delightful album.” -  Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald


 A Song in the Air

A Song in the Air  - Betty Belmore

“It is one of those rare albums that balances authenticity with an easy sense of musical expertise. Witty, tasteful and surprisingly satisfying, Betty Belmore’s A Song in the Air qualifies as an East Coast Classic of the Holiday Genre.“

- Ron Foley MacDonald, Halifax Daily News

“The entire CD is a classic, reflecting both the fun side and reverence of Christmas.”

- Gerry Taylor, The Telegraph Journal

“This is a CD to keep around, and maybe even play after Christmas is over. Its sound is timeless enough to be timely at any time.”

- Stephen Pedersen, The Sunday Herald

“…an assortment of rare gems…” -

Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald


In the Pink

In the Pink - Betty Belmore

“If you love songs from a more romantic age, beautifully sung, this is an album you’ll enjoy over and over again.  As octogenarians, Dolly “Belmore and Bobby Annand’s voices may have weathered a bit since they sang together in concerts as teenagers but they’re still sweetly tuned.” – Gerry Taylor, The Telegraph Journal

“Whereas 87-year old Dolly Belmore and Bobby Annand, 81 years of age released their new CD, In The Pink; and whereas (they) sang and entertained a standing room only audience at the CD’s launch this past Sunday; and whereas this collection of songs produced by Betty Belmore is a tribute to the sisters’ family and is an inspirational legacy for many; therefore be it resolved that the members of the Nova Scotia legislature congratulate and commend Dolly and Bobby for undertaking such a wonderful, admirable and exciting project. Mr. Speaker, I request a waiver of notice on behalf of these very well-respected senior citizens.” – Brooke Taylor, Nova Scotia Legislature